Title Insurance

Title Insurance. An insurance policy protecting against loss arising from defects in the title to real property, title insurance is meant to safeguard the insured’s financial interest in the property against title defects, liens, and other matters.

Risks covered by title insurance include:
- Identity theft and forged signatures on prior deeds in the chain of title;
- Fraudulent mortgage cancellations;
- Documents signed under a false or expired power of attorney;
- Wills that have not been admitted to probate, and the interests of undisclosed or missing heirs;
- Deeds and other documents signed by someone legally incapable, such as a minor;
- Mistakes made by the clerk in the indexing of documents affecting title; and
- Liens, judgments, and other matters filed for record after the title search is completed, and before the new deed is recorded.

There are two types of title insurance: lenders title insurance and owner’s title insurance.

In Georgia, the closing attorney acts as an agent of the Title Insurance Company and is responsible for issuing the actual title policies.

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